How to Banish Acne on Buttocks

When we talk of acne treatments, we talk of acne on our faces, noses, chins, arms. No one ever speaks of acne on buttocks, right? And yet you discover them on your derriere and wonder if you are a freak of nature.

But the fact is, just because you don’t see celebrities advertising acne solutions reveal their bum doesn’t mean acne cannot affect the buttocks. If you are prone to acne on your face, it is very common to get acne on this unexposed part of your body as well.

The acne outbreak on your buttocks may even be more severe than elsewhere on your body, because the skin on the buttocks is thicker and the pores are larger than those on your face. But just as it is possible to treat the acne on your face, it is possible to treat acne on your buttocks and with time, you can get back your original blemish free behind.

How to Treat Acne on Buttocks

There are many remedies for acne, and it may take a bit of trial and error to find out what works for you. Everyone’s skin is different and responds differently to each product or process. But do not be discouraged if one method doesn’t work for you. Simply try another approach.

1. Exfoliate: Just like acne on the face, zits on the buttocks are caused by clogged follicles or blocked pores. It can be very helpful to simply give your bum an exfoliation from time to time with a wash cloth and a body scrub. This will help to scrub away all that dead skin and prevent more unsightly bumps from forming. It won’t, however, get rid of existing bumps, for which there are other solutions.


Acne on Buttocks


2. Wear Breathy Underwear: Underpants that are made of polyester, nylon or other synthetic, “non-breathy” material, or underwear that is too tight can cause irritation because of trapped perspiration. While this may not lead to pimples, it can cause bumps on the skin. Changing to comfortable cotton underwear is the best thing you can do to keep your bum blemish free.

3. Treat Existing Acne: Use a shower gel containing salicylic acid to keep new acne outgrowths from taking place. There are many products that you can also use for spot application after a shower. You can use ointments containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxyl acids on the affected areas. Or you can get a salicylic acid spray to use in place of a messy ointment.

4. Use Acne Home Remedies: There are additional home remedies that you can use to attack the acne on your buttocks. A popular one is to crush some aspirin in water and apply it to the affected area. It is supposed to be similar to salicylic acid in activity, and helps to reduce redness as well. You can also use honey, such as manuka honey, in a mask. Honey is supposed to be able to fade blemishes over time, besides being great for your aging skin.

5. Take Antibiotics: If the acne is mild, you can usually get rid of it with over the counter products. But if it is severe and you often get pus-filled zits, then you may need antibiotics and retinoid. You may need to see a dermatologist in that case.

Just remember, there is no need for embarrassment. You are not the only one with acne problems, and some of the biggest celebrities have acne on buttocks. Simply find a treatment that works for you, stick to it, and get back your clean and healthy derriere.