Using Sulfur for Acne Treatment

We have all dealt with it, the infamous zit or full on acne patches on our face. There is no doubt that it is embarrassing, a feeling that unfortunately becomes prolonged when every single solution we seem to try fails us. The entire situation is painful and difficult to deal with, because after all, you simply just want to proudly flaunt your luminous and clear skin to the world – is that too much to ask?

While there are many solutions, there is one that seems to lack mainstream attention, and that is sulfur treatment. Safe, effective, and used for centuries, sulfur to treat acne is definitely worthwhile.

A Roman Remedy

One of the earliest uses of sulfur to treat skin inflammation, infection, and blemishes was by the Romans. The Roman’s would bathe themselves in hot springs that contained sulfur, which not only lead to treating their inflamed, infected, or blemish affected skin, but it also had the benefit of rejuvenation their exterior. Clearly, bathing themselves in sulfur springs had some benefit, because there are many of us today who use sulfur for acne treatment.

How Sulfur Works to Treat Acne

When treating my precious skin with a new product, I always need to know how it works – and you should too. Sulfur has certain properties, called “keratolytic” properties, which means that it breaks down the dead and useless outer layer of skin that is blocking your pores. Once sulfur’s keratolytic agent does this, the sulfur has access to your pores, where it begins to exfoliate, clear away the gunk, and reduce skin infection and inflammation. Sulfur treatment to treat skin is the road to your radiance.

Sulfur For Acne

Benefits of Sulfur for Your Skin

There are benefits to using sulfur for acne. But one of the most outstanding benefits is the time it takes to treat your acne. We all know that acne treatments that take forever to work are extremely frustrating. But, because sulfur has keratolytic properties, it aids in cellular turn over, effectively treating acne quicker than many treatments out there.

Another benefit of using sulfur for acne is that it is a natural way to treat acne. Many acne treatments contain harmful chemicals that are not welcome on your skin, cause adverse side effects, and leave you in a worse of situation than you were before use. However, sulfur is different, it is natural, and the selection of treatments includes many that combine other natural ingredients such as charcoal or tee tree oil.

Types of Acne for Sulfur Treatment

Using sulfur to treat acne works on all skin types, but it is especially useful for those of us who have sensitive skin. Many other facial cleansers out there will dry out or inflame sensitive skin, but because sulfur is a more natural and gentle approach, you won’t need to worry. The type of acne that sulfur works best on is mild acne, as the worse the acne is, the more difficult it is to treat. Your best option is to treat your acne early on with sulfur to prevent it from becoming worse and spreading.